Kelsey Pray

My name is Kelsey Pray and I am an independent Singer/songwriter/band manager/booking agent/social media manager/blogger… and I’m a woman.  This blog is about sharing the unique perspective not only of the independent musician wearing all the different hats normally distributed among staff members at a record label, but also of women in the independent music world.  Without bashing our male comrades, my friends and I (various singer/songwriters) will be discussing the ways in which this career path is different for women than it is for men.  And without bashing the Mainstream music industry (much), we’ll be discussing how this career path is different for the independent artists than it is for those signed, sealed, and delivered to mainstream markets.  How does our gender affect our choice in venues we play at?  The drinks we order?  The people we talk to at our shows?  The contacts we make/keep?  And the songs we write?  How does our independence from mainstream music industry affect our daily lives as musicians and songwriters? These questions along with many others will be discussed, so keep checking back to find out all about it!


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