New Year Resolutions and Goals


Dear Indie Girl, 

What’s your New Year’s Resolution?  I’ve got a bunch of them.  Well… they’re more like goals for the New Year.  I feel like you can only have 1 or 2 New Years Resolutions, but you can have innumerable goals…  

Here’s my Resolution: Read more than I watch TV.  I watch about 5-10 hours of TV a week.  And that’s conservative.  We don’t even have Cable TV.  That’s all Netflix and Hulu.  So that means to achieve this resolution I will need to be reading 10-15ish hours a week. Roughly 2 hours a day of reading.  wow.  Or I need to cut back on my TV watching.  We’ll see which one works better.  When I write it out in numbers, I’m now realizing how much time I’m spending (wasting) watching TV- that’s a lot of time!  I can never complain that I don’t have enough time to do extra things again.  That’s like the equivalent of another part time job!  

Here are some other goals I’m making for 2014.

1. Develop my youtube channel- start a Video Blog!

2. Tour outside of Michigan!

3. Co-write!

4. Build fan base and venue network!

5. Save up for next recording 2015!

Happy New Year!