What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?


Dear Indie Girl,

What would you do if you KNEW you couldn’t fail?  Paint? Run? Write? Sing? Go after that degree? Start up that new business? Pick up that guitar? 

It’s a powerful question, right?  

Without the fear of failure our lives would be quite different wouldn’t they?  I’d be writing a song everyday.  I’d be practicing my guitar regularly and challenging myself to learn more music theory on it.  To learn how to “jam”- a skill I have still not learned and have always been afraid to try.  

Now, I suppose, “no failure” doesn’t mean “no challenges”.  It’s doesn’t mean it will be easy.  It’s those challenges that tease us and introduce the fear of failing into any quest.

As an Indie Girl, I wake up with this fear of failure.  Some days it’s like weights around my ankles and wrists.  Some days it’s the elephant in the room- with me and myself… and me.  But what if we told that elephant to leave?  What if we sent it back to the zoo?  What if we, just for today, thought in terms of possibilities instead of impossibilities.  

You know what I find everytime I sit down to write or practice my guitar.  If I just show up to do it and tell that voice in my head to shut up, (you know that one that is sure to remind you of every doubt you have about yourself.  She reminds you of everytime you’ve gotten up on stage to a sea of blank and lifeless faces completely unenthused to hear you play.  She’s the one that reminds you how bad you were when you first started writing and implies constantly that you’ve never really gotten any better) there’s a song waiting to come out.  Much of the time.  There’s stuff to be learned on my guitar, and I’ve got the brains to learn ’em.  And even if those songs and those lessons are not perfectly mastered, I feel like a victor for simply showing up to the page.  And that voice in my head gets a little quieter.  And if I keep this going regularly, I can hardly hear her at all.  You should try it.  Today.  It’s a date.

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?